Life Changes... when your real estate needs change... Let us help you!

For most of us, just when we think we have it all under changes. And, many times when these changes take place, we find that our real estate needs change as well...the need to upsize, to downsize or to sell a relative's home.

Let us help you...we understand and respect the fact that each of you has a different set of circumstances and that your choice of Realtors is vast. At Shaub Real Estate Services Group, we believe that our Realtors are one step ahead of the rest. Why? Because our team will not only sell your real estate, they will also assist you with all that "stuff" you've collected over the years. Regardless of your real estate needs, Shaub Real Estate Services Group will provide you with a personalized plan to sell your property and assist you with the contents of your home...all, within a time frame that works best with your life change!

Realtor or Auctioneer...each method of selling has its advantages. Our company is unique because we can offer you both services. We not only specialize in selling residential homes but agricultural and commercial property as well. Through the Shaub Real Estate Services Group, you will work with Realtors who have over 35 years of experience and Auctioneers, on the other hand, who have been selling real estate at auction since 1914.

Treasure or Trash...and don't forget about those treasures inside your home. If your home is filled with a lifetime of memories or you are dealing with a relative's home or estate, let us help you. Based upon 100+ years of experience, we can assist you so that you can better determine what "stuff" should be kept, sold, or hauled away.

Free will find that we are experienced enough to successfully represent you as a Seller and/or Buyer, large enough to serve all your real estate needs, yet, small enough to provide you with the personalized service that you deserve.

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